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Red Dog - The Search

After The Deluge - Deluge

YOUTube All Tracks

Composing Music Magic

Twenty Key Scores by Australians - Screen Hub

Heading 4

Musical deluge - The Age

Lilian's Story - Film Review

Night - Film Review

Beneath Hill 60 - Scenes from the recording of the film score

NIGHT - trailer

Bottle Symphony

Karbala Finale - featuring Lisa Gerard 

Dream On - 2011 APRA/AGSC Screen Music Awards Cezary Skubiszewski Ensemble and Sarah Blasco

November Overture - Live

Recording music to Polish Missionaries 

Setting the mood for scores of films - The Age

SCORE - Cinema Papers

I AM Anxiety with Ben Mendelsohn 

APRA Melbourne Sessions - Masterclass

Carlton Draught - Big Ad

Wolf Blass - Silk Glove

Bootmen - Finale 2

Two Hands: 'Shotties are good' Heaths Ledger

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